Penang Trip – Day 2


Our second day at Penang comprises of visiting the Gurney Paragon mall and checking out wall paintings in Georgetown.

Declan’s love for transportations definitely include bus. Look at his face while waiting at the bus stop and inside the bus!


Declan’s signature smile!

IMG_4986 IMG_4987 IMG_4998

Just outside the Gurney Paragon mall with pretty christmas decorations….


Just before going to the airport, we visited the Georgetown. The weather was extremely hot. We spotted a few street arts here and there. But we couldn’t finish finding all of the street art. By an hour later, we were all drenched in sweat.

IMG_5118 IMG_5119

Yet another smile!

IMG_5121 IMG_5122 IMG_5123 IMG_5130

Grandpa and Declan is posing at the lion dance! This is on the wall in front of the shop at the corner of Lorong Soo Hong and Lebuh Armenian that sells souvenirs.


This is on the other side of the souvenir shop along Lorong Soo Hong. It’s about Hokkian artwork!

IMG_5136 IMG_5139

Here’s the famous murals represents two children riding on an actual bike.


Tiger mom’s mom is posing on the most popular kids on Bicycle mural by Ernest Zacharevic. From the artwork, it seems it represents a young boy (probably too young to ride a motorbike) simply watching the traffic passing by. This artwork is located at the junction with Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street).


Look at Declan eating the ice cream! He couldn’t smile so we decided to head back. We will be back to check out more of the wall art when we have a chance in the future.


Air-conditioner can change so much to kid’s mood. Check out Declan’s happy reactions while waiting to press the stop button on the Bus.

IMG_5155 IMG_5159

See you next time Penang! We will be back for the food; Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Mee Goreng, Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai etc. Tiger mom going to miss you! XoXo


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