Maya 1st Birthday


This unicorn hot air balloon was so airy and dreamy! It’s the cutest unicorn party designed by Cottontail Events.

If this party didn’t make you want to dance in the air then tiger mom didn’t know what would! The pastel colors of pink, green, blue, purple, yellow and white along with tassels, flags and gold foil letterings were so stunningly cute! The combination of all were so perfectly together. This unicorn party would totally inspire and impress everyone!

Here’s the closer look of what the dessert table looks like. The balloons and foil balloons can be purchased from

IMG_2925 IMG_2937



A cake is a must with any birthday! the buttercream cake looks delicious!


The dessert table won’t be complete with icing cookies on the stick, cupcakes, macaroons and dessert in the jar. Yumm…

IMG_2902  IMG_2905

IMG_2930IMG_2911 IMG_2912 IMG_2914

IMG_2920 IMG_2904

To follow the American traditions, the birthday girl needs to smash the cake! So thoughtful of Cottontail Events to make the bibs and hats for the birthday girl.


Happy 1st Birthday Maya! Please grow up to be a pretty, sensible and smart woman! Love ya!


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