Diddlydoo Photoshoot


It was Vaisak Day and kitten daddy wants to go to Vihara. However, being an awesome dad that he is, he decided to accompany tiger mom to her product photoshoot with Diddlydoo girls and models.


Kitten daddy was slightly dissappointed……

IMG_9214 IMG_9217

He was expecting the models to be swimsuit models. However, it was actually the Diddlydoo and Cottontail kids. Diddlydoo is a children clothing line.

IMG_9261 IMG_9238 IMG_9226 IMG_9242

Looking at the results of the photoshoots and the amazing bakso khek (which kitten daddy ate 8 of them) provided by the host, kitten daddy appreciates.

IMG_9255 IMG_9245 IMG_9211 IMG_9204


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