Declan’s Trampoline Day


Living in Jakarta has forced our family to think of new ways to have fun. Kitten Daddy is not a fan of bringing Declan to Timezone or Funworld, and Tiger Mom is slightly bored of Kidzania as  we think they are slightly on the pricy side. It was then Kitten Daddy found Amped Trampoline Park. What is a trampoline park, you might asked. Trampoline park is a place where there are a LOT of trampolines put together next to each other. Without a second thought, we brought Declan and our GoPro there with us.

Declan loved it! Check out the POV video of us playing in Amped.

Here’s additional info on the costs to get in to the park. Declan is 2 years old and the entrance fee for him is Rp. 80,000. But since Declan is under 3 years old, Kitten Daddy gets in for free to accompany him. All they had to pay additional are the special socks. Each pair of the socks costs Rp. 20,000. If you need more infomation, check out Amped Trampoline Park. Enjoy!




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