Chloe’s 3rd Birthday


Throwback Tuesday is reminiscing the time that our baby grows up too fast! It was Chloe’s 3rd birthday at Wowzonia Playground at Kemang Village. As Chloe’s birthday always fall on July (summer vacation for other families). In the end, Declan had quality time spent with Chloe. These two kiddos played the puzzles, mini merry-go-round, slides and ball pool. These activities kept them busy for hours.



And of course, after the playground always comes somewhat unhealthy snacks. This time around, they had fries and nuggets. But it was so delicious!

Thank you Auntie Fenica for inviting Declan for Chloe’s Wowzonia Birthday. While looking back at the pictures, Tiger Mom was certain that Declan had so much fun!


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