John’s 1st Rustic Hot Air Balloon!


Planning a birthday for your little kid is not an easy job at all. It’s similar to planning for your second wedding. You have to come up with the theme, colors, goodie bags, food, drinks, venue, estimating the number of guests coming and not forgetting photographers to capture the memorable moments of your child. Tiger mom remembered John’s mom approached her 6 months ago to plan for John’s birthday. At that time, John’s Mom was contemplating on the venue where she should have the birthday for John and not forgetting the most important part which is the theme. John’s mom knew she wants it “rustic”. But she changed the themes from rustic bambi animals to rustic hot air balloons.  John’s mom made the right decisions. The result was soaring high especially it’s the first event for Cottontail Events in 2016.

Here’s the dessert tables and the details. Cottontail Events uses wooden crates and planks to get the rustic feeling. To get the airy up up and away feeling of the hot air balloons, the secret is using tons and tons of cottons. IMG_6043 IMG_6050IMG_6036

The close up of the desserts Cottontail Events picked.

IMG_6038 IMG_6037 IMG_6058 IMG_6053 IMG_6021 IMG_6017 IMG_6016 IMG_6014

Birthday is not complete without the cake. John’s mom choose 3-tier birthday cake for John’s birthday. The cake stood out in the center of the dessert table. Kudos to John’s mom!



As John has a handful of toddler’s cousins. John’s mom asked Cottontail Events to prepare children’s seating area. Tiger mom loves every single details of it. Smart way to use burlap for the seat cover!

IMG_6048 IMG_6047 IMG_6028 IMG_6026 IMG_6065 IMG_6059 IMG_6046

Happy 1st Birthday John! Hope you have a great fantastic years ahead of you. Love ya!



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